Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Five Senses

We had a great morning at Mrs. Mary's talking all about the Five Senses. I think the biggest hit of the morning was a game called Ned's Head, which was new to us! There's a big foam head, with random stuff inside...all kids of gross stuff kids love like worms in bird poo, dirty diapers, brains, boogers, etc. First you draw a card from the card stack with a picture. Then you stick your hand in his ear hole or his nose hole, and try to find the object on your card using only your sense of touch. Such a fun game that the kids LOVED!!!

Reese's turn at Ned's Head.
Everyone having fun with Ned's Head finding spiders, throw up piles, dirty Q-tips, brains...oh yea, lots of fun gross kid stuff!

Later, we sprinkled KoolAid powder on paper then sprayed it with water. When the powder got wet, the colors became so pretty and vivid!

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