Friday, April 20, 2007

Busy days....

Feeding the ducks with friends on a beautiful morning!

Mommy & a group of Munchkins on the bank of the pond. We saw ducks, geese, and even a few turtles...and got some muddy shoes.

Nothing beats wrestling with Daddy! I think that's one of Reese's favorite things to do.

We moved Reese's tomato plant to a big pot a few days ago, and the poor leaves were starting to turn yellow. I didn't see any sign of bugs, and when I tilted the pot to check for drainage, guess what I found? Not a single drain hole! The plant was way overwatered. Go figure it's turning yellow! Daddy came out & saved the day though. Poked some holes and out poured the water...I think the tomato plant will be much happier now and we can't wait to use our first tomoatoes!

Check out all those little tomatoes! If we have success this year, Reese and I decided we'd like to try more pots of tomatoes next year. That's probaly one of my favorite veggies!!

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