Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yes & No

My pictures of "happenings" this week are pretty much limited to Reese sleeping. He's been sick all week, and still has a fever today. So we haven't really done much of anything except rest, snack a bit, and when he's up for doing something, playing some vintage 80s arcade games we have in our game room.

I did realize something pretty cool today though. And it's something Reese has done completely on his own, because it served a purpose & was necessary for something he wanted to do.

In his computer games, and now on the arcade game, there's always the end of the game, and the question "Do you want to quit?" The player must click on "yes" or "no". Reese and I have never really sat down to work on blending letter sounds. But he knows how to "read" the words yes and no...all because he needed to figure it out in order to do the games he wanted. Pretty cool, I say!

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