Thursday, January 18, 2007

Venn Diagrams, Puppet Shows, & Painting

Reese and I were eating lunch yesterday & he started talking about the differences in my beef stew & his chicken noodle soup. I had some large paper cut, sitting on the table waiting to be hung on the easel, so I made a Venn Diagram and we wrote down all the differences & the similarities. Reese did a great job on our project!

In our Dough-Re-Mi class last week, we made shape dough creatures to take home. I glued on some popsicle sticks & turned them into puppets. Reese put on a short puppet show for Daddy, & then decided he would rather pull the feathers off & tear them apart. Let's hear it for creativity!

More puppet fun. This poor Triangle Man no longer has any feathers!

His entire life, Reese has shown zero interest in painting. His prior experiences painting consisted of putting a brush on paper shortly & then being done. The only time he's seriously worked at painting was at a CoOp back in the Fall where an artist came & they painted together. The past few days, however, Reese has asked to paint daily. Amazing! He loves mixing the colors, putting the brushes on paper, choosing his colors to paint with, and mashing his brushes into the paper to make smooshes. Tonight he also decided to paint the paint cups themselves. His painting goes right along with things I've noted in the past. When Reese is ready to do something (like ride his bike, or potty train, or make a pattern, or now paint) he'll just jump right in and master it immediately. As I've said before, I wonder if this is how his "school" skills will be aquired. Show minimal interest, and then all of the sudden just DO it!

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