Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Pictures...Whaaaa!

Well, it was bound to happen I guess. I use my camera daily, and quite often carry it in my back pocket of my pants, pulling it out when the moment presents itself. Well, last night we were visiting friends before trick-or-treating, & the camera fell & BROKE! Luckily, #1 Hubby ordered a new one for me & over-nighted it, so I should have it in my grubby little hands tomorrow. Lesson learned--be WAY more careful with the camera. It does not like to be dropped!

On to my October reading list. Below you'll find what I've read in October. I won't bore anyone with a review (heck, I don't think I'm even qualified to review these books!) but if you're interested in finding some good reads about homeschooling, let me know & I can recommend the ones I've found helpful!

October Reading List:
Have Fun, Learn Stuff, Grow. Homeschooling & The Curriculum of Love by David H. Albert

Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling: Facts & Stats On The Benefits Of Homeschool by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

Learning At Home: A Mother's Guide To Homeschooling by Marty Layne

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

If you're interested in an award winning public school teacher, who writes on the benefits of homeschooling, John Taylor Gatto is a great author to look into.

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