Friday, October 06, 2006

Wednesday Co-Op

Wednesday's Co-Op was all about exploring water. First we talked about Earth & how so much of our planet is covered in water. Then we explored pouring water & found out that funnels made it much easier to fill our water bottles.

Then, we tried to figure out what objects would sink & float.
It was interesting to watch the kiddos make their guesses. I was also glad Mrs. Holly used kitchen utensils, because Reese and I did our own version in the bathtub later that night.

Then came the super-fun part! Each child made their own tin foil boat (with Mom's help). After floating them in the water, we then put rock "people" into our boats to see how much they could hold. Even I learned something today! I was sure our boat would sink with a rock in it, but sure enough, our boat held more than a few rocks & stayed afloat!

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