Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sports Class & Playgroup

One of Reese's favorite sports...FOOTBALL!!! They were practicing kicking the ball today. I was actually surprised how well the boys could hold the ball for each other to kick!
Reese's favorite coach, Coach Jared, showing him how to hold the ball with one finger.
After Sports Class today, we hosted playgroup at our house. The other Mommies & I were amazed that the boys were sitting at the table with their snacks SO well. When I snapped this picture, the boys had been sitting there for about 10 minutes, just eating & chattering to each other...it was just adorable! Here, Reese & Reed are off alone talking about the cars in their hands & the stickers in the book. This was just so precious...two buddies in their own little world of cars & airplanes & make believe. Such a wonderful, magical age....

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