Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Quote

It seems that I post a good quote on Saturdays, so perhaps I'll make it my "Saturday Quote" each week :) Here's a quote from David H. Albert in his book, Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow: Homeschool And The Curriculum Of Love. This is a great book about Albert's experience homeschooling his children. Although Albert uses this quote discussing homeschooling, I think anyone can offer experiences like this to their children:

"I guess all this amounts to for us in our day-to-day homeschooling practice is relatively simple: regardless of how you approach your child's education, be sure to provide them, continuously, a honeyed taste of the future that lies ahead with the knowledge yet to be attained. Read books to them that are currently beyond their own reading capabilities. Bring home videos from the library on scientific or mathematical topics they have yet to explore. Before starting geometry (if that's what you and they have decided to be doing), have your children go out and meet an architect. When learning about the Constitution, have them go to your local courthouse and watch the judicial system in action."

So, in what seems to be our endless adventures & "field trips", I feel like I am giving Reese a taste of "what's out there" in the world. Whether it's visiting an orchard to pick apples, or going to a concert to hear Eddie Coker (who Reese thinks is amazing, by the way!), or helping Daddy fix the inner workings & pieces of Austen's computer, or attending a marionette show at Slappy's, or listening to & learning a song in Spainsh...I feel like I am giving Reese a beautiful sense of the world that awaits him. Perhaps he'll never become a musician or farmer or computer guru (like Daddy & Austen). Hopefully something we experience along the way will make a deep connection within Reese & will lead us on an amazing learning journey. For now, you'll find us at the museum, the bookstore, the zoo, the grocery store, Sissy's volleyball games, the symphony, the aviary, or any of the other hundreds of places children soak in knowledge. Who knows where we'll go from here!

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