Friday, September 08, 2006

Now THIS is a homeschool lunch!

Reese decided that "rooster pancakes" were a good idea for lunch. He's all about helping Mommy measure, mix, & pour...he's even working on his egg-cracking technique! Why "rooster pancakes" you ask? I pick up pancake molds any time I can find them, & Reese's latest favorite is the now all pancakes are "rooster pancakes". Our Rooster Pancakes this day consisted of a rooster, and the letters A & B. In the picture, he's eating the Letter A & trying to say it's sound "aaaaa" at the same time.

He then decided that, along with Rooster Pancakes, we also needed to make Pizza Faces. So out comes the english muffins, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, & cheese. This time, however, I just let him do whatever he wanted & didn't try to guide him towards making a proper face...and he had the best time pretending to be a chef & sprinkling his cheese. I think most of it went on the counter or the floor (Buddy & Zoe said thanks!), but he had a great time.

Our lunch finished with making chocolate pudding...and if I had been paying attention, our Pancake, Pizza, & Pudding lunch would have been followed with a Letter P coloring sheet or something! Oh well....

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