Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome everyone to Reese's View Of The World...a Blog relating to our homeschool journey with Reese. We're taking our first steps in homeschooling this year with a curriculum called Hands On Homeschooling for 3 Year Olds. I did quite a bit of research before finding Hands On Homeschooling, & so far it's been a great match for Reese's needs.

My plans for this Blog are to update almost daily, as a way to record our progress, activities, friends, & successes along the way. Jeff & I hope that friends & family check in often to see how much Reese is learning...and what fun we're having while we do it!

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MomandDad said...

Great Blog! Excellent choice to Homechool...he will learn so much and have the one on one attention that most kids in society today never get once theyre shuttled away to "institutions!" You'll be a great teacher.